Day Tripper :-B

Inspired by the Beatles‘ famous song, Day Tripper, this piece is my first illustration on canvas size 50x70cm.. A line from the lyric, “She is a big teaser, she took me half the way there” is translated into an illustration of a colorful and endless journey.


2D : Acrylic Painting

3D : Tissue mache’, Light modeling paste, Gloss upper heavy gel pasting on canvas.

As you can see, I completely fall in love with our glamorous and shiny galaxy which also presented in this piece of art. Therefore, this illustration is the combination between my favourite things including my favourite lyrics and my fascination on the dazzling galaxy. :-B

The Beatles;-all time favourite English rock band and this is the way they rock this world ppl ! 🙂

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Happy Animal Party Motion Graphic

All oF animal CHARACTERS

็House Party Animals Happygraff

Hello everyone, after I haven’t updated my blog for awhile and in the case of the upcoming holiday season liked CHRISTMAS! so today I came up with the motion graphic video by me and my partner “Nonny”;

“Happy Animal Party” motion graphic vdo!  It shows you the christmas celebration party that was set by those little fabulous party animal creatures! 🙂 Ready to crash the x’mas party anyone??

Hope u’ll love my work and Merry Christmas in advanced everyone. :):)

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Cooking Kebab; Motion Graphic



Hi Everyone 🙂 Happygraff’s blog has been updated already! Today I come up with an information graphic work that teaches you how to cook scallop kebabs. Moreover, this is the first time that I did the motion graphic work. I collaborated my illustration mixed with collage pictures and animated them in Adobe After Effects Programme. Hope you will love my scallop kebab motion graphic vdo. 😀 Have Fun Everyone.

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Frida Kahlo De Rivera.

frida self portrait illustration by happygrafffrida kahlo illustration by happygraff

Here is my illustration portrait of Frida Kahlo; the Mexican greatest artist. She is so brilliant.I really like her. Moreover, I do really love to read quotes, so I decided to design the quote book and this is her quotation “I love you more than my own skin.”; Frida Kahlo. You can continue reading about her quotes here; 

Please catch up on my blog and i’ll update you guys about happygraff’s wonderwords book later and I hope that it’ll inspire you all. 🙂

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My Badge Collection

happygraff's fascinating badges

Hi everyone! Sorry for keep you guys waiting for my new post for a long time.

I’m so kinda busy but no worry guys! 🙂 Today I come up with my illustration of 

The Collection of Fascinating Badges by Happygraff 🙂

Hope you’ll love my badges! Choose your favourite badge and match up with your style 🙂

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We are all mad here.

Well well well, I’m coming up with my imagination pals. Let say ” If I have a world of my own, everything would be non-sense!!! hahaaaha. We’re all mad here. Curiouser & Curiouser.

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